RESPECT THE CULTURE - Not many of us will be leaders; and even those who are leaders must also be followers much of the time. This is the crucial role. Followers judge leaders. Only if the leaders pass that test do they have any impact. The potential followers, if their judgment is poor, have judged themselves. If the leader takes his or her followers to the goal, to great achievements, it is because the followers were capable of that kind of response.

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Always remember that names have power but never forget to respect the culture. Without balance you will lose yourself on the climb. No matter how high the mountain takes you always stay grounded.

Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that the game needed.

What are rules? Why do we follow them? Why do we break them? Stop thinking about it and make it happen. Rules are made to trap you mind. Unlock your mind! Once you get boxed in, you will get boxed out… 


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“Don’t judge us by our wins, judge us by our losses because we have so few…” 

SILENT TROPHIES - going on our third year and our position in the game could not be better considering that we haven't hit our prime yet. The game has been nothing less than great to us and we appreciate every level, door, glass ceiling we broke through within the past few years. 2012 "rookies of the year" was followed by a better 2013 sophomore year. listed a few mantle pieces we collecting on the way below.

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It Ain’t No Awards For That…

HEADLINES - cheapest thing to pay is attention...

18 Jul 2014

OUTDOORPOOLPARTY | JULY 26, 2014 | 3425 CASCADE RD SW 30311 | 21+

1st Annual OUTDOORPOOLPARTY Saturday July.26.2014 3425 Cascade Rd SW Atlanta, GA 30311 The Biggest Mansion You've Ever F%#king Seen Twenty-One And Up Wet T-shirt contest, Giant Beer Pong, Trippy Volley Ball, Private Cabanas, and Marco Polo GET TICKETS OR RESERVE CABANAS HERE!!!   SuperStore Deals   Outdated Browser Detected We recommend updating your browser. Click here for the ... click here     SuperStore Deals   Outdated Browser Detected We recommend updating your browser. Click here for the ... click here SuperStore Deals   Outdated Browser

18 Jul 2014


    Spoiled Milk Company, LLC (“Spoiled Milk”) is the most relevant live entertainment company bridging gaps between independent markets and industry powerhouses.  What started as a conversation between friends wanting to give artist who barely get recognition a shot to showcase talent and passion, has evolved into Atlanta’s burgeoning culture incubator for upcoming talent within a matter of three years and becoming the most talked about independent movement in the music industry.  Spoiled Milk

11 Jun 2014


  Making a comeback like never before, ATLien SupaKali gears up for the release of his highly anticipated project “Bongwater”. Meanwhile to hold his fans over, he collaborates with comrade and artist KushtonDior and record a masterpiece in under 24 hours. Consisting of 3 exclusive tracks, this smooth project is quality at its finest. Dividing the tracks, complimenting each other’s bars, the potent duo graces the scene with something to ride out to. CONTENT SUPPLIED

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